Lego Arnim Zola and His Legion of Custom MiniFigs

Like most kids growing up in the ’80s, I dug Legos. I remember this big bin I had just filled with my giant collection of Legos and the dozens of instruction booklets needed to build the various space stations and construction worker sets. And being the big geeky comic book fan that I was, I’d try making my own Lego superheroes. I didn’t actually paint or carve my Legos. I’d just mix and match pieces to give some characters a cape, or make them extra tall, and just use my imagination to fill in the blanks.

Nowadays there are Batman and Spider-Man Legos and while I’d still love to see Lego officially make an Avengers set, if I were a kid now I’d be so crazed over the current crop. And then, well, then I stumbled upon xueren‘s photos at Brickshelf Gallery. I don’t know much about xueren, except he’s made hundreds of insanely detailed, awesome, killer, comic book-based Legos! (Uh, I’m assuming he’s a he. I’m not even sure of that much!)

Here’s a large shot of his Lego Superhero Army

There’s a few more full shots here, but you can get a cheat sheet version (with image names explaining who each character is)  for Marvel, DC and Other characters.

Here’s just a few of my favorites:

Arnim Zola! Must... own... this!

Ant Man. Ain't he just the cutest widdlest hero ever?

Yeah. The dude made a Lego Beta Ray Bill. Wow.

Seriously. If Lego were to make an official Super-Friends line, Aquaman would like 100% like this.

No Lego is safe from the fury of... Annihilus!


It’s surprising how many awesome and obscure characters that xueren made. I’m hoping he continues because I’m still waiting for a Lego Red Skull, Ambush Bug and Galactus! Be sure to check out his Lego-licious (yes, I said it) minifigs gallery for more.

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