I suck

I have a love/hate relationship with WordPress. When it’s all installed and I can just write blog posts, I love it. When I have to setup a new account or move an account or server, I hate it.

And I have a hate/hate relationship with GoDaddy. Whenever I want to do anything with any of my websites, it’s always like walking through a minefield trying to figure out how to get anything done. GoDaddy may have some of the cheapest prices around, but with about 15 completely different types of user interfaces all intertwined, it’s as far from user friendly as you can get.

Anyways, I was switching ComicBookMarks from one hosting account to another and thanks to some real sharp moves on my part, I managed to lose EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. Yep, every photo tied to this site is now gone. All of ‘em. Dating back some 5+ years. I’m frantically trying to salvage any I can. Recent posts should be okay, only because I still had the original photos on my hard drive and was able to re-upload them. but I can’t image digging back through all these posts to replace images. So my apologies for all the broken images you’ll see on here. I’ll slowly correct some old posts as I can. But heed my words: Backup everything. Always. Regularly. And no matter what, definitely never ever ever ever have me setup a WordPress account for you.

********** UPDATE **********

So on a friend’s suggestion, I contacted GoDaddy asking if by chance they had backups of my site, so I could retrieve these photos. The good news is, yes they do! The bad news is… there’s a $125 fee! No matter if it’s just 1 single file or an entire website. $125 just for them to unzip a backed up site. I will now refer to them always as GoFYourselfDaddy.com

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