Time to move Farrah Fawcett – The Captain America movie posters have arrived

I’ve already seen the trailers, read a few early on-set articles about it and know the release date. Even still, it’s tough for a big Captain America fan like myself to believe this film is ever going to really come out. Especially after the last Captain America movie that mercifully went straight to video, rubber ears and all.

But today saw one more major step towards the Star-Spangled Avenger’s film debut: the official movie posters. Just like Thor and X-Men before it, the Captain America: The First Avenger movie posters spotlight one character on each of the three posters released so far. For the most part, yeah, these are pretty straight-forward (read “boring”) posters. The Cap one is okay The Peggy one is kind of completely useless. And the Red Skull one, well, that one just shows how unbelievably awesome and true-to-character he looks! I’m real curious how they handle the Skull in the film. Will his red face be a mask or an actual disfigurement? Will they even mention Hitler or the Nazis or¬†completely¬†ignore it and use HYDRA all the way? (I’m sure some of these questions have been teased or answered already, but I’m trying to avoid as much info about this film as I can until it hits theaters.)

Anyways, enough yapping. Here’s a look at the new posters:

So what do you think of these single character Captain America; The First Avenger movie posters? Good? Bad? Indifferent? It’s a poster, who cares?

(Source: JoBlo)

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